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I dance in the face of Danger. 
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at first i was like “help, I can’t drive ;_; ” but then after a 10 hours straight gameplay I start to be like “Meh fuck this as long im not crashin ppl im fine, fuck the lamp post tho”


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THEME 09. JUNKETSU → Live Preview (Temporary) · Static Preview (Senketsu Vers.) · Code

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I feel so guilty about this one because these girls and their kamui are wonderful— And I’m so many episodes behind. Oops. ;; Have fun with it but please don’t use as a base, claims as your own, and all that. Also please keep the credit link where it is, thank you.

I won’t be taking any questions or concerns pertaining to this theme at all. So you’re on your own if you have problems with the theme, sorry. 

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Ellie’s Table Art NOrth Beach by Brian Rau.

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koala nap time

Video Games Color Challenge ► create a monochromatic coloring x


i used to think that this won’t get even more than 5 notes


Let’s kill hiatus | Round 6: TV Tropes - Not so different.

We’re just alike, you and I.